Mariah Janai Reese

is a fifth year engineering student at Dartmouth College, majoring in biomedical device design. She is a Durham, NC native. Mariah plans to pursue her PhD in biomedical engineering. In her spare time, she likes to sing, write and hang out with friends and family. Her motivation for starting this company came from not knowing much about many financial concepts that, as an adult, society expects us to be able to understand and manage. Mariah hopes that the information presented throughout this website will benefit you as it has already begun to benefit her.


Founder & CEO

is a 2009 graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a B.S. in accounting. Whittmin is a current insurance professional. Before working in insurance, Whittmin spent four years in the banking industry. He has experience with taxes, mortgages, personal loans, and investments. When not working he enjoys giving back to the community and anything regarding sports. Whittmin has future plans to be his own boss and help create jobs for the community.

Whittmin Reese



The goal of Common Cents Advice LLC is to provide the best resources for millennials to become financially responsible and further their own horizons. 


Dream big, plan even harder. 

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